Friday, December 5, 2014

The cause of 350 million dollars, brought against Apple regarding iTunes and the music "canceled" on the first iPod

The cause of 350 million dollars, brought against Apple regarding iTunes and the music "canceled" on the first iPod when the user discharged from competing services, could end up in favor of the Cupertino company.

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During the process, Apple's lawyers have argued that the plaintiffs have never purchased an iPod and have therefore not been the protagonists of the alleged problem of which we speak. Recall that the class action was desired by a lawyer, who has accused Apple of forcing users to delete the tracks in sync on the first iPod when these were not downloaded directly from iTunes, but by third party service like Real Player.

The judge seems very willing to give reason to Apple, as repeatedly called for the prosecution "What should I do if I do not have a plaintiff? I'm worried about this situation. Do not have an actor is a problem. "

In short, unless extraordinary events Apple starts to victory in this process.

During the semi-final of X Factor 8 - aired Thursday, December 4 - finally we could not only know the names of the finalists who will compete next week to win, but we were also able to listen to the competitors remained unpublished. Thanks to the remarkable success over the appointment last night, the tracks on all six talents left in the race entered the iTunes chart of best-selling singles. Foremost in fact we find Lorenzo Strawberry, a tournament favorite X Factor in 2014 with his "The reason why". The song, written by the artist himself, had already been submitted to the test, a significant success. During the semi-final last night, in fact Lorenzo Strawberry, after his performance, he received a standing ovation from the audience and the jury, confirming the possible winner of this edition.

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The ranking of 'X Factor 8'
The second and third place are respectively Madh with the single "Sayonara" and Mario with "horizon". The two songs have achieved a resounding success and unexpected: the song of Madh, written by the artist himself together with Fedez, is very rhythmic beat and the load; while the novel by Mario, already led to hearings, "talks about the end of a love story and the moment when you decide not to stay longer so much evil and you look to tomorrow because tomorrow it will be better." Finally, Ilaria Rakes and Emma Morton close the top ten: a fourth, the other in the ninth. The singer's team of Victoria Cabello, with his "My Name", was inspired by the very sound of Adele; while Emma Morton - eliminated the episode along with Leiner - wanted to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse in his novel "Daddy Blues". The success of the songs of X Factor 8 is remarkable and the race for the biggest selling single has just begun.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

ROME - After a long wait the new Super Smash Bros

ROME - After a long wait the new Super Smash Bros makes its official debut on the Wii U.
The "Street Fighter" with the most famous characters from Nintendo is one of the pillars of Japanese ous that this time has expanded its range with the launch of Amiibo.
It is interactive dolls are able to interact with the console: once approached the sensor Gamepad will create the virtual character who will join the fray when richiammeremo beautiful.
The amiibo debut with Super Smash Bros, but you can use them with other Nintendo titles.
But we move on to the real game.

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Like any self-respecting fighting in Super Smash Bros we will have special attacks and combos for all 51 characters, new and old glories of Nintendo as well as the protagonists of the games targati SEGA.
There are four modes of combat.
You can choose to engage in the battle in time, the survivor, in the levels or, for the first time, the fray with 8 players.

But the possibilities are virtually endless game.
Mini games, workouts, secrets to unlock, and many other features make the longevity of Super Smash Bros is virtually no expiration.

Among the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U there is the possibility to use the touch screen of the Wii U GamePad to create custom scenarios.
Also, if you own the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, you can use the portable console to control the action on the TV screen, a new control option to be added to the support for classic Nintendo GameCube controllers and other control options suitable every style of play.

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The purpose, of course, is to eliminate our opponents inflicting much damage as possible.
Besides the classic characters you can use your own Mii characters (avatars Nintendo), equipping them and customizing them.


Super Smash Bros. Wii U dsu is available at an MSRP of 59.90 Euros, while the first 12 Amiibo at 14.90 euro each.
The dolls available today are: Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Fox, Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Dweller, Pikachu, Kirby and Marth. On December 19, the line-up of amiibo will expand with Zelda, Luigi, Diddy Kong, Little Mac, Pit and Captain Falcon, only to grow further throughout 2015.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Looking back, Konami has never digested generational change in 2005-2006. Absolute reference, PES has become the football game eternal reconstruction technically not in HD, full of good ideas certainly, but never able to make the matcher them. Formerly a specialized and popular with hardcore gamers simulation, the series is open to a different audience and not too fussed on all the technical and tactical considerations. Then the episode in 2014, helped by the Fox Engine, has paved the way for a return to realism. It was used as a basis for PES 2015, including the simulation orientation is not debatable. So FIFA frontal attack. For a more free psn codes encouraging result.

A realization boosted by Fox Engine

Test Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PlayStation 4 - Screenshot 21
The faces of the most famous players are frankly successful.
Probably a little weakling on the authenticity and visual atmosphere of a real football match, PES 2015 will nonetheless technically a title updates, no ugly looking, smooth and neat. This benefit it derives directly from the use of the Fox Engine, the new generation graphics engine made in Konami that we find in MGS V and Ground Zeroes. It allows the series psn codes generator to take a real step and enjoy new details, especially on the face of the top players. Some closeups enough to confirm this impression since nothing is left to chance: the emotions reflected the hair is amazingly clear, even the suits are larger than life. This level of detail, however, fall rapidly as we look to lower rated players, even in some of the European elite clubs. However, I found the achievement rather attractive as a whole, even if it proves unplayable near the penalty area, the film camera, the angle changes depending on the action, is the witness. Better finished but not yet searched sufficiently, PES 2015 is a nice football game that still has significant room for improvement.

Defending it is the foot!
Test Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PlayStation 4 - Screenshot 22
The defenses managed by the AI often tend to make the same mistakes.
It is undeniable, this opus developed the ideas introduced by his older and has definitely turned its back on beach football to which the PES 08-13 have long looked. To the point that PES 2015 is essentially an anticipation game, in which you always have one step ahead and that leaves little room for improvisation, gesture or great goal poacher. Rhythm, slow but so conducive to built actions, is the main mechanics, coupled with a very strong inertia effect on the players. And in this context, the defenses are particularly highlighted. Not necessarily via the AI but rather through the block's investment team, capital, and laundry operated by the player. The ball recovery is therefore not the act of a single player but of the entire training. Specifically, we spend a lot of time to juggle teammate pressing and pressing the controlled player to plug the holes and prevent reminders and transmissions in midfield. Once found the right balance, the feeling of working for the group and measure each trip is exhilarating. As well as the joy of a successful clean and efficient sliding tackle gesture virtually outlawed because very demanding in terms of timing. In short, defending in PES 2015 is part of the fun and the strength of the players and the management of contacts improved (but still perfectible) contribute greatly. Thus, an error in midfield does not turn into panic in the defense, can recover instantly. In contrast, pellets defenders are paid cash.

The tactics in the heart of the gameplay ...

Test Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PlayStation 4 - Screenshot 23
Training mode is simple but well done, it goes around quickly.
Although it must go through team management menus heavy enough and very intuitive, the player is at liberty to give a true style of play to his team. If this was rather theoretical in the past, the collective movement of the team block allows all fantasies. It is your responsibility to choose also the positioning of your eleven depending on whether you have the ball or try to retrieve it. Attacks are then more free, more supported by a midfield affected by the finish, and the most compact defense phases together. So the construction of shares is capital, and unless you have a control tower capable of deflecting all the balloons of the head on the front of the attack, the long balls are rarely the solution. Despite this, we tend to eat a lot the ball in PES 2015, since a player who will not release naturally guided to the ball and will have to master defensive gesture. So small ballers to Verratti or Valbuena give heart to joy and can pick as much as they like, simply by using the analog stick (or the directional pad for old farts like me) .dropoff window Technical moves themselves are more used to remove a player at full speed. Finally, special mention to the ball physics, much more credible than in the past. The ball is heavy, it feels on long shots, and many effects can be applied to it, either from the outside of the foot or the brush on the strikes as the centers. No more unmanned balls, let alone in the manual.

... But large defects to erase

Test Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PlayStation 4 - Screenshot 24
The management of the laundry is a key element of PES 2015.
PES is an emerging simulation, still under construction, and we feel the over hours of play, when some systematic reflexes of AI are a stain or when naturally prevents the use of a cheatée technique. Thus, and regardless of the level of difficulty, deep passes and air centers are virtually unstoppable face technique that AI can do nothing. In the first case, the central defenders are often overtaken by a lobed deep passes or unable to trigger an emergency move to cut a classic pass addressed them. In the second case, the player has the upper hand in 90% of cases, either on offense or defense for that matter, even without the gauge of the players have any impact. Logically, the corners become almost penalty kicks, especially as the default placement is totally inconsistent defenses on set pieces. The other weak link, are the guards. Rarely able to block a shot, they are particularly powerless to wound strikes because strangely diving on site, without any ability to react or anticipation. The goal average is affected! Unfortunately, I noticed these defects both in Normal, High Level, Professional that Superstar. Moreover, these four difficulty levels are very similar and the AI difficulty correct errors by raising the level. It is often better just to move the ball or be a little more specific in front of goal. For example, to play against Barca in Superstar returns to run after the ball facing a completely harmless team. As for arbitration, it is simply unsafe. Yellow cards on basic contacts, tackles non whistled assassins, imaginary offside, etc. Another defect of AI that Konami will adjust quickly.

MyClub the PES FUT, the place to be online

Test Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PlayStation 4 - Screenshot 25
PES has its FIFA Ultimate Team: The myClub mode.
The big news of PES 2015 is the myClub mode, a career mode online directly inspired by FIFA Ultimate Team. One finds the same logic, namely to build a team from scratch, ensuring the collective agreement and technical players and coach we recruit and build it over the line wins against humans or face AI. Thus, heat zones appear on the tactics screen to indicate the compatibilities of style between the players, in order to perfect the agreement of training and to have a coach comfortable with the device. Rich, this mode is a real drug and quickly became the most played mode the PES community, I have no doubt. Every online meeting, each action performed for the first time (a long shot, dribble, a goal from a corner, a hat-trick) packed on behalf of player points GP, used to recruit new players. For this it is necessary to pass by agents who each have their specialty: Goalkeeper, Defender, backgrounds, forwards, etc. The agent is actually a gateway to a system of drawing of lots. Enter it, press a button whenever you want and one of the lagged balls offer you a new player. A bit like a Kinder Surprise, you never know who is hiding in the ball. But the level of the player varies depending on the power of the agent, and therefore the cost of recruitment. Workforce management is then the key to your success, knowing that player contracts will run for a few games and must regularly put their hands in the pocket (via GP points) to extend them. Yes, as in FUT. The real strength of myClub mode, is that all the content from other online game modes in PES 2015. Isolated matches, divisions, competitions, everything is to the point that acts as a gigantic myClub HUB for all online play.

Argentina, Brazil, Ligue 2, etc. : Some licenses and more

Test Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PlayStation 4 - Screenshot 26
The online game, in my experience, is stable and matchmaking works well.

Besides myClub mode, PES 2015 remains poorly supplied in terms of content. Certainly, the now classic Master League and Become a Legend are still addictive but it quickly turns round in this predictable interface where leagues and cups pile up without much originality. Next to a FIFA 15, very full and bushy especially online, play Konami does not compare. In terms of licensing, supply is still patchy but tends to be complementary. So, I have noted the appearance of the League 2 fully licensed, the Brazilian and Argentine championships and the Liga Adelante. Unlicensed and edited entirely (teams, logos, jerseys, players, etc.), the second English and Italian divisions are also emerging. The community therefore has work to do.