Friday, December 5, 2014

The cause of 350 million dollars, brought against Apple regarding iTunes and the music "canceled" on the first iPod

The cause of 350 million dollars, brought against Apple regarding iTunes and the music "canceled" on the first iPod when the user discharged from competing services, could end up in favor of the Cupertino company.

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During the process, Apple's lawyers have argued that the plaintiffs have never purchased an iPod and have therefore not been the protagonists of the alleged problem of which we speak. Recall that the class action was desired by a lawyer, who has accused Apple of forcing users to delete the tracks in sync on the first iPod when these were not downloaded directly from iTunes, but by third party service like Real Player.

The judge seems very willing to give reason to Apple, as repeatedly called for the prosecution "What should I do if I do not have a plaintiff? I'm worried about this situation. Do not have an actor is a problem. "

In short, unless extraordinary events Apple starts to victory in this process.

During the semi-final of X Factor 8 - aired Thursday, December 4 - finally we could not only know the names of the finalists who will compete next week to win, but we were also able to listen to the competitors remained unpublished. Thanks to the remarkable success over the appointment last night, the tracks on all six talents left in the race entered the iTunes chart of best-selling singles. Foremost in fact we find Lorenzo Strawberry, a tournament favorite X Factor in 2014 with his "The reason why". The song, written by the artist himself, had already been submitted to the test, a significant success. During the semi-final last night, in fact Lorenzo Strawberry, after his performance, he received a standing ovation from the audience and the jury, confirming the possible winner of this edition.

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The ranking of 'X Factor 8'
The second and third place are respectively Madh with the single "Sayonara" and Mario with "horizon". The two songs have achieved a resounding success and unexpected: the song of Madh, written by the artist himself together with Fedez, is very rhythmic beat and the load; while the novel by Mario, already led to hearings, "talks about the end of a love story and the moment when you decide not to stay longer so much evil and you look to tomorrow because tomorrow it will be better." Finally, Ilaria Rakes and Emma Morton close the top ten: a fourth, the other in the ninth. The singer's team of Victoria Cabello, with his "My Name", was inspired by the very sound of Adele; while Emma Morton - eliminated the episode along with Leiner - wanted to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse in his novel "Daddy Blues". The success of the songs of X Factor 8 is remarkable and the race for the biggest selling single has just begun.